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Stress urinary incontinence

‼️‼️Stress urinary incontinence is common among older women because the strains and tears of childbirth along with the postmenopausal atrophy of genital tissues weaken our pelvic floor muscles.
⭕️These muscles stretch like a hammock from your pubic bone to your tail bone. They hold the bladder, uterus and rectum in place and maintain pressure on the urethra – the tiny tube that allows urine to pass from the bladder. ❌💢When those muscles weaken, any abdominal pressure can cause a leak, whether it’s just an occasional trickle or a mortifying flood.
According to the National Association for Continence, women typically wait more than 6️⃣ years after their first symptoms appear before getting a diagnosis for a condition that can be managed at home or with the help of a professional.
✳️❇️✅Don’t wait and start doing Kegels right now to tone your pelvic muscles