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Cherry Set of 5 PREMIUM Tightening Beads
Cherry Set of 5 PREMIUM Tightening Beads
Cherry Set of 5 PREMIUM Tightening Beads
Cherry Set of 5 PREMIUM Tightening Beads
Cherry Set of 5 PREMIUM Tightening Beads

Cherry Set of 5 PREMIUM Tightening Beads

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WHO NEED THIS? Suitable for all women, especially suggested for new mother and anyone who is having issues with weak bladder control, vaginal atrophy, lower back pain or a lackluster intimate life.

WHY CHOOSE THIS? This is Kit of 5 progressive Kegel weights (1.1oz/30g to 3.9oz/110g) that allows you choose your perfect one from "Beginner" to "Pro advancer" and tailor your pelvic floor muscle training. Rebuild your confidence with stronger & tighter pelvic floor muscles through this comfortable exercise

USE & EFFECT Simply use it 15-20 minutes twice a day, after work out properly every day for the first 2-3 weeks. You'll have tighter pelvic muscles for improved bladder control. Don't embarrassed with the accidental leaks when you mid-laugh or even cough

SAFE? Absolutely! It is made of 100% waterproof medical grade silicone, soft, smooth and comfortable, as well as Hypoallergenic, while also being Latex & BPA Free. The length and design of the tail or "string" is just enough for easy removal. When use, simply clean the Kegel ball in warm water.

  • High-quality material - Waterproof medical grade silicone, soft, non-toxic and odorless, hypoallergenic, and there are no ridges so dirt & bacteria doesn't get caught on the weights.
  • 5 phases - 5 cherry shaped balls, from light to heavy, meet the needs of different women. Special and scientific design make you never worry about it's hard to pull out as there's a STRING.
  • Doctor recommended - these Ben Wa exercise balls will make pelvic floor muscles stronger which can make a healthy effect.

About our Kegel products:

  • Kegel exercises strengthen pelvic floor muscles improving bladder control and overall better pelvic health.
  • High grade silicone. The sleek ridged exterior of these Kegel exercisers are made from high grade silicone that is Phthalate Free, Latex Free, Hypoallergenic, BPA Free, and Dioxin Free
  • 100% Waterproof and designed with comfort in mind. Safe for use with water based lubricants. Soft and silk touch, designed for comfort, and makes it easy to remove.

Safety Information:

1. Carefully clean the toy before first use and after every use of warm water and mild soap.

2. When using toys, use a few drops of water-based lubricant to ensure a pleasant feeling.

3. Do not use gasoline or acetone cleaner. Keep toy away from grease and cream to avoid damage (sunscreen, cooking oil, lip balm, etc.)

4. Please keep the temperature between 0 ℃ - 40 ℃ toys, avoid direct sunlight toys.