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Reverse Tightening Gel 2oz
Reverse Tightening Gel 2oz

Reverse Tightening Gel 2oz

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Red Lotus’ Reverse Tightening Gel is great for restoring, rejuvenating, and hydrating the inner walls of the vagina.


  • Tightens the walls of the vagina.
  • Comes in a two ounce squeeze tube.
  • Unscented.


A tingly, stimulating gel that works to tone and temporarily tighten pelvic floor tissue. Reverse Tightening Gel can help bring you and your partner closer. With ginger, cocoa, cinnamon and pepper, the gel tingles intensely upon application, which causes an increase of blood flow to the vaginal walls, helping them plump up and feel tighter. To apply this odorless, tasteless, natural-ingredient packed gel, just dab a small amount to a finger (either yours or your partner's) and rub it thoroughly into the inner vaginal tissue. This can also help with kegel exercises as well. Order yours from Red Lotus today!

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