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About Red Lotus Shop

Red Lotus Shop is equipped with a variety of Kegel ball products that are highly recommended by gynecologists and obstetricians. We have invested our resources in researching the uses and benefits of using Kegel balls to successfully treat urinary incontinence, infantilism and laxity in intimate muscles and is held as a good preparation for childbirth and postpartum recovery.

Kegel Ball exercises can help to increase libido and get stronger orgasms.. plus:

  •  Prepare for Childbirth and easy Pregnancy
  •  Speed up Postpartum recovery time by supporting weakened pelvic walls 
  •  Recover after gynecological surgery 
  •  Increase blood flow & nerve supply to enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy 
  • Prevent gynecological issues (infections, irregular period, hormone imbalance )
  • Relief Post-Menopause syndrome  by increasing your vaginal wall thickness
  • Restore Bladder Control
  • Prevent Urinary Incontinence
  • Reverse Vaginal Prolapse without surgery by restoring strength to loose vaginal muscles


We have introduced a unique set of kegel balls that revive elasticity in your pelvic floor muscle. Suitable for all women, especially suggested for new mother and anyone who is having issues with weak bladder control, vaginal atrophy, lower back pain or a lackluster sex life. 


We have worked with expert OB/GYN for the formulation of our products, and we assure you that you will yield comforting resulting by using them. We have researched and accumulated the area of problems that involve the use of our products to revive your pelvic floor muscles.

The pelvic floor muscle is highly susceptible to becoming loose or weak during pregnancy, childbirth, aging. However, the obstetricians tend to advise the expected mothers-to-be to start delving into pelvic floor muscle training to facilitate the childbirth. On the contrary, men can also become prone to prostate cancer, constipation, and bowel problems if their pelvic floor muscle is diagnosed with any particular ailment.

In rare cases, the pelvic muscles can become tight, and it requires the involvement of a professional doctor to attend to the problem. Nevertheless, you can consider taking measures to train and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles.

Improve your menstrual health, vitality, creativity, intuition, sensuality and sexual enjoyment and Wave goodbye to

- intense anger or mood swings
- emotional disharmonies (PMS,PMDD)
- depression
- period pain
- menstrual irregularities
- low libido
- unhealthy lifestyle